Aerial Panorama in WordPress

Drone Aerial Panorama providing 360 degree view from above

I am spending the majority of my time working on GNSS RTK data or Pix4D processing and missing the artistic side of the drone word.  To keep my skills fresh I am experiment with Aerial Panoramas.  Not to mention the aerial panorama is a great gift for customers on our recent jobs.  Giving them away allows us to see our customers thoughts on them while test marketing them.

I have been making the Aerial Panorama with great success, yet the challenge is how to share them.  The first option is to publish them on a page using our website and send a link to the client.  We can send out links and it works well, but its still a link to our site and not something the customer has true brand ownership of.  We also can give the Aerial Panorama project as a zip file so the client can put it on their web server.  That gives them a better sense of ownership.  However, the later option also leads to a lot more tech support for us.

Aerial Panorama meet WordPress

For our clients that are using WordPress we need a simple and elegant solution for sharing the Aerial Panorama in WordPress.  We gave each plugin that supports pano embeds a test in WordPress. We are looking at the ease of use and finally settled on PanoPress. PanoPress gives just enough control over the pano embed and is very simple to use.

The PanoPress plugin is well documented and has plenty of examples so its a breeze to use.  For our less tech savvy customers we are hosting the pano on our server then providing the embed text.  The customer gets to create a WordPress post that embeds the Aerial Panorama in their site and most of all in their branding.